The description for the French clothing brand ANTIK BATIK is ” très Bohemian Chic ”.

Indian dyeing techniques, Indian embroidery and Balinese printing techniques are the signatures of this label.

The French bohemian chic label discovered the art of batik in Bali and creates a furore with hand-painted tunics and caftans. Romantic, a pinch of India, floral prints, ethnic patterns, high quality silk, natural materials of which a fashionista is going to have a bite.

The brand started with accessories such as sandals, bags, bracelets and belts. In 1994 Antik Batik presented the first caftan’s. Since then, the brand has been praised for dresses, paréos and sarongs. Silk items come back in every collection.

Antik Batik spring/summer 2018Antik Batik Spring/Summer 2018Antik Batik spring/summer 2018Antik Batik spring/summer 2018Antik Batik spring/summer 2018