Each garment is designed with love and made of high-quality materials that are knitted by the local population on two needles.

Inti Knitwear focuses on items made by hand with respect for nature, culture and people. For Anna and Leon this is the essence of sustainable fashion. They are closely involved in every step of the process, from the design phase to wool dyeing the knitting and distribution of the products.

Anna Cales is the founder and brain behind Inti Knitwear. She has been working with the local people from Ecuador for more than twenty-five years who, as it turns out, can knit fantastically. Every year she knows how to put together a beautiful collection that always consists of a lot of color.

Leon van den Broek founded Anna Knitwear together with Anna. He is a master in communication and head of production.

Inti Knitwear FW 2017Inti Knitwear FW 2017Inti Knitwear FW 2017Inti Knitwear FW 2017